Pandora Sallantili charm, Mavi Sıcak Hava Balonu - 798064NMB

381.00TL 200.00TL-48% kapalı

  • 163 Depoda mevcut olan
  • Ürün NO: 798064nmb
  • Aðýrlýk: 1lbs
  • Üretici: PANDORA

Pandora Sallantili charm Mavi Sıcak Hava Balonu 798064NMB

Perfect for global style travelers, this sterling silver hot air balloon charm features a moonlight blue crystal "balloon" within beaded tethers. The dangling basket is detailed with the Pandora logo and pretty hearts – enduring symbols of our brand. Wear it on a necklace with other dangle charms or add it to a travel-inspired bracelet styling as a reminder to stay open to new experiences.

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